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Oct 29 13 10:28 AM

Himage Here's the layout of grace I did at the crop...from Memorial Day 2013.  Found the star hairstyle on pinterest. The poncho is one my grandma made me when I was probably around Grace's age (so over 335 years ago)...Grace loved it and my grandma was pleased to see it again.

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Oct 29 13 10:31 AM

imageimageimageThe rest of Nathaniel's Layouts from the crop - except the ER one - that was one I threw together yesterday while trying not to flip out while trying to get him to do his make up school work yesterday...various years - 2006, 2008, 2011

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#183 [url]

Jan 22 14 12:33 PM

Some (non-scrappy) projects

I just noticed that in the description of the poncho layout of Grace I have a BIG should read 35 years ago not 335 years ago - whoops! Anyway, I haven't gotten a ton of scrapping done lately...I did get three pages done, but forgot to take pictures of them just now when I took pictures of some other projects. I'll have to do that later. Anyway, here are some scarves and a pinterest project I've done recently.
 imageimageimageimageimageThe plummish colored scarves are for two of my sisters (late Christmas presents). The green one is the first one I've tried in the "funky" yarn (Jen Rexford inspired me to quit being scared of it and give it a try). I'm hoping my 3rd sister will like it as it is much easier than the other scarf she wants me to make for her. The one that is woven strips was a pinterest of a rainbow one but just pictures, no real directions so I messed around and figured it out. The hopscotch mat was a project for Grace :)

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#184 [url]

Feb 3 14 10:08 PM

more scrappy type projects

Here are a couple of layouts I did at the beginning of of Nathaniel's class Christmas party. I loved the little poem that was part of their treat plate...with the "makings" of a "snowman". So I made sure to save both of those :) And the napkin that Nathaniel drew a picture on for me :)  I used old Christmas paper - I think I bought it when we still lived in Winters - which would've been CHristmas 2007! The sticker I used on Grace's page is older than even that...I think it is leftover from when I taught school (over 11 years ago). She saw it and insisted that it be put on her page.
This plaque is what we made for our parents for Christmas. It was a project at our church women's group's Christmas Craft day that I missed because we were out of town. But Brian took a picture of it and we bought the boards at Joanns and i had the paint and vinyl so we made our own :) Eventually I will get one made for us (and get this one mailed to Brian's dad!)

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#186 [url]

May 6 14 9:35 PM

Finally finished my kids' New Years' layouts. I picked the paper a month or so ago...finally printed the pictures today. They love them...I think they are just glad to see me scrapbooking again :) It's almost a novelty lately. 

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