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Jun 2 14 12:27 AM

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Popped in a minute to check on everyone. Enjoying Italy but am ready to come home. Ended up with a head cold last week a couple days after touring the castle in Ferrara that was packed with school kids on an outing. Still a slight cough, but it has been tough to keep going and seeing all I can each day. Starting to slow down the pace. Slept in this morning in Lucca. May go out for a walk this afternoon.  Move to Bologna is tomorrow so got to get stuff repacked. I leave there Thursday by train for Milano. Catch my flight back Friday morning.

i've enjoyed seeing how they live here. Fresh fruit is terrific, tastes like real fruit and not the yuck that I get in the stores at home. We've had strawberries, cherries, peaches, apricots and bananas. Eaten a lot of pasta and pizza. Hard to get meat dishes, mostly fish, and seafood. Did have a nice shank of pork with roasted potatoes couple nights ago. Lost enough weight that I have to wear a belt to keep my pants up.  I'm sure that won't last long when I get home.

Suppose should roll out and start the day.

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Jun 2 14 6:02 PM

Sounds like you're having a nice trip, Cass!

Pretty busy here. Just finished up our school year two weeks ago and had our first day of our new school year today! We homeschool year-round. I put my high schooler in charter school for the first time this year, and he's done really well. Been on honor roll all year and made Principal's List 3rd marking period. He's got less than 2 weeks of school left, so I decided to start the other two early so they can take their little break when he gets out of school for the summer...that way, they can have some time together to play before we get heavily back into our homeschool routine.

I actually managed to do a scrapbook page last week. That's a rare thing these days. It wasn't anything spectacular, but hey, it's another page I'm not behind on!

My mother fell ill with terminal lung cancer and got the diagnosis on Valentine's Day. She passed away on March 28th, exactly 6 weeks after getting the news. I've been rather withdrawn from social activities this spring as I've dealt with my grief. Alas, I am 42 and an orphan. It feels so odd. I miss her so much. I received 4 boxes of photographs from her house in the aftermath, and I just purchased a new scanner so I could start converting them to digital and sharing them on a family site with all of my siblings. I've wanted to do it for years, but my mom was terrified of mailing them to me. Now I finally get to preserve them for the whole family. I scanned nearly 300 photos over Memorial Day weekend. I have to do it in spurts because it's also very emotionally draining to go through her things and see all the photos of my parents when they were young and with me when I was young. It's happy and sad all at once.

The weather is once again due to warm up like summer tomorrow. We've had a cooler spell, but I think it's coming in earnest this time. Time to start hitting the water park with my kids!

I hope you all are doing well.

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Jun 2 14 7:01 PM

Been following the travels with food, Cassie! I'm sure you're having a good time, but also, it's been a long trip. Try to relax and let it flow. Hope your sinus gives you a break!

Kelly, I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope as the days go by, and you are able to scan more of the photos, you can remember many good times with your parents and it gives you comfort. Blessed be the ties that bind us to our heritage, and the sharing of stories and photos can be a wonderful thing with the rest of the family.

CR, the youngest has now graduated from his two year college, and will be heading to the four year in the fall. He's been accepted at Binghamton University, after graduating with honors. Eldest is heading back for his second year, and working on getting into his own place with his son, who we have half time.

It's been a busy spring, once it showed up. Not so happy about thunderstorms with hail, but at least the dreaded four letter 's' word hasn't shown up again. Luckily, the nights still cool off, even when it get to 80 during the day. We've been putting in a veg garden. I never knew there were so many interesting things at Tractor Supply. Should be able to dig furrows and plant tomorrow. Picking rock has taken a bit of time. We grow fabulous rocks!!! At least I can't kill those.

Haven't been in the scraproom in ages. I'm thinking once the garden is in, since we'll only work it early morning and later evening, I'll have daytime to play. It'd be nice to get in there and create again!

The bluebirds are back again this year... Love watching them! There are a hundred other birds out there, can't even identify some of them. There have been some new ones this year. I wonder about the weather changing their habitats.

Hope everyone had a good May, and has begun June wonderfully!

~~Di Sleep deprivation = unending creativity There are two food groups: Chocolate and fruit. If it is fruit, it should be dipped in chocolate.

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Jun 2 14 9:41 PM

nice to hear from everyone, Cass, been enjoying your Italian updates on FB, yummy food, and fabulous photos of architecture and such…Di, gardening, would love to do more, but every time i do, I end up with bad allergy attacks after, and rashes on my hands and arms…..tough being allergic to trees and grasses….pollen has been severe around here…..try to limit my outside time.

Kelly so sorry about your mother…Di said it so eloquently. Those 6 weeks must have passed far too quickly. Try to take comfort in your memories of good times together, and enjoy the process of being the one preserving those memories for your other family members. I found a lot of comfort making an album for my mother of my father several years ago…..and I love looking through her scrapbooks when I go down to visit her, even though I was the one to scrap all the pages in her book, I get much pleasure and comfort from the pictures of long ago…..

off to ed, getting late…hello to everyone lurking…..

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Jun 3 14 8:40 PM

Tobey, I'll have to see what happens with the garden, as I also have allergies to grasses and such. Planted the tomatoes (Italian plum type.. Roma) today.

Major thunderstorms went through today, so tomorrow should be cooler and calmer. I've got the area sectioned out, and planting should be fairly easy, then we'll get the fence up. Got a smaller cultivator to keep the weeds down during the growing.

Someone has suggested I need to sit with a rifle and take out the deer, but I don't think it's my style. Rodents, yes, but not deer. Woodchuck stew coming up, hasenpfeffer, too. Venison... Someone else's department, though I will share the meat. Hey, it's a country thing. Subsistence living out here in the boonies.

Thinking to go get the season pass for the local state park tomorrow. It's been nasty humid, even with the temps being not so hot. I'm finding it harder and harder to get down into the creek for a dip. Maybe I should do some interesting landscaping with a backhoe, just for an easier entrance from the field. It is truly lovely down in the creek, around the bend, swimming hole, couple hundred feet below the roadway. You can barely hear the vehicles go past.

I need to take my camera down with me, but would have to be extremely careful with it. Not a really smart thing to chance the water and the rocks with it. Not to mention my lousy balance on the slippery shale. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

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Jun 9 14 5:20 PM

Home! Not looking forward to work due to fear of the unknown. Keep telling myself, one day closer to retirement!

House is in pretty good shape. Need to clean floors but that will wait until Thursday. My boyfriend missed me, lol, picked me up at the airport Friday and asked when I had to back to work. Then started making plans for Saturday and Sunday since I didn't have to be home until today. We went to a baseball game Saturday night, had a lot of fun. Hung out at his place Sunday, watching tv and catching up. Stopped for groceries, mail ,meds, and gased the car up on the way home. He's planning on seeing his son next weekend I'm off, so I hope to see my family and spend a day with Di.

I kept up really well with my smash book on my trip. Took a lot less pictures this trip.a lot of the attractions didn't allow pictures. I came home with about ten books instead. Better pictures of the churches that way, the churches were so dark. They had the lights set so you had to pay 50 cents to get lights on to take pictures.

The most impression making moments? Seeing the Tintoretto pictures in the school in Venezia. . The first view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The view of Venice from the Grand Canal.

Any how, supper is ready, more later.

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Jun 10 14 8:29 PM

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Cass! When I lived in Spain, I took lots of pictures, but I also bought a lot of postcards because they were better than the pictures my beat up 35mm could take. When my kids go on their missions we'll make sure they have decent digital cameras :)

We should sign on our house next Monday - yay!! My sister came up last night to help me pack. We stayed up too late talking last night (1 am) and I had to be up before 7 to get the boys going for school. I will be so glad when Friday morning rolls around and I don't have to wake them up!! I think my sister is staying until Thursday morning. It's nice having her here, but I wish she'd quit trying to parent - esp. since she has no experience in that department. The kids' were whining at bedtime - whne aren't they, plus it's the last week of school and we had a long busy weekend going up to Washington for a graduation and family reunion...anyway, she kept threatening them with her leaving and going home. Oh well...they don't really listen to it anyway.
Idid get our china cabinet totally emptied and packed...3 sets of china, plus odds and ends of other stuff like that. Tomorrow we'll do the non-essential stuff in the kitchen. As soon as we can get in, we'll measure rooms and get paint and get started painting. And take loads of boxes, etc. every time we go over there and store stuff in the shop or garage until the rooms are ready.

Tomorrow or Thursday I can call and find otu if there is a chance the boys can stay in the schools they are in since we're moving to another district. Not that it really matters for Nathaniel, because I think we might really go with our thoughts of homeschool for him. We'll see how that plays out too.
Well, I'd better go make sure lights are out and kids are going to sleep. Grace came downstairs an hour after she was supposed to be asleep last night...I couldn't get upset with her though...she'd drawn a beautiful card with pictures of her and me and our house and hearts and our names (Mom Lee Grace Lee - she just figured out on her own how to spell our last name - thank goodness its an easy one) way I could scold her after that :)

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Jun 10 14 8:44 PM

So sweet about Grace, Beth! Sometimes I think relaxing time is just as important as sleep.

Cassie, I 'm so glad you enjoyed your trip (despite the cold). I loved seeing your photos on FB.

Kelly, how sad that you're an orphan! My dad had lung cancer, too - they could have treated that, but his lungs weren't strong enough because of his RA. I still miss him 9 years later.

Tobey, some of my allergies are worse this year while others are better - thankfully, I can still garden!

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Jun 14 14 6:20 PM

Ruff day at work. Amazes me how difficult it can be somedays to make something as simple as paper towels.

Had a nice evening yesterday. Went out to dinner with my friend. He's heading south next Thursday to see his son and grand daughters in Alabama. Kind of looking forward to the weekend on my own.
Next trip, looks like it's four days in Vegas in the fall.
Hoping to start working on my trip photos next weekend. Get them edited and sent in to printers. It never seems like it happened until I have the pictures in hand.

Hope your move is progressing well Beth.

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Jun 19 14 8:11 PM

Hi, Cass!! just getting time to check in this evening. The kids and I are watching The Cat from Outer Space...loved this one when I was little - I remember going to our tiny theater and watching it when it came out when I was five. Joshua remembers watching it several years ago but the other two don't.
Went out and watered a little bit at our new house today and showed the outside to my sister. We should be signing on it some time next week. The wait and see game is getting tiring.
Kids are enjoying summer vacation. Joshua has a scout camp out at the lava beds national park in's about 3 hours away...he's excited. I haven't been there since I was about 7. Tomorrow we've got to buy a few last minute things before he goes.
Trying to decide what color I want to paint my sewing/scrap room when we get moved. It will probably be one of the first rooms that we paint just because I'll probably work on it in mornings while Brian is asleep and the kids and I can go out there.
Hope everyone is having a good start to summer!

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