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Nov 7 13 6:44 PM

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Are you ready to begin our Cyber Crop?  Sign in here to let us know that you are playing - and if you are hosting a challenge, post that here, too!  You can start a separate thread for people to upload their creations.
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Nov 7 13 9:25 PM

Yippie!  I have my challenge ready to go!  I do plan on playing, but my DH will be getting home Sunday afternoon.  Since it's been a while since he's been home, and he has allowed me to go to several big crops, I'm not sure he'll be too thrilled with me scrapping.  I'll do what I can.  I do want to support our activities, just maybe not too much this time.


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Nov 8 13 7:46 AM

I'm hoping to be able to participate! Life is chaos lately, and it's a Dennis weekend, plus Monday no school. Why not, I have no idea.

I m working on several projects, plus beginning my ' holiday cleanup', as Thanksgiving is the mob at my house. Less people, but more people, or should I just say... Different people! It will be interesting.

Looking forward to challenges posted. Not sure if I'll get one together, but I hope to.

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Nov 8 13 1:57 PM

I want to play! I'm hoping to some how get some time either Sunday evening or Monday. I have an idea for a challenge, but have to organize myself a little better...hope to post it tonight :)

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Nov 9 13 3:19 PM

Wish I could play! I have 2 major test this next week! Boo!

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Nov 12 13 8:44 PM

Hi, Pam!  there aren't many challenges, and I'm thinking they all have until this Friday (15th) as the due date...if that helps!

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